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10 Best Dog Breeds for Families to Adopt

As a pet lover, adopting a dog brings great joy. While adopting a pet you have to consider which one will suit your household, especially your kids. But making the right decision becomes very difficult with so many cute puppies around. To make things easier, we have created a list of 10 best dog breeds for families looking to adopt.

10 Best Dog Breeds for Families to Adopt

According to professional vets, a person should consider the dog’s size and their family lifestyle to figure out which one is best for them. The three factors of temperament, size, and the energy level of a dog matter the most when choosing a good family dog. Temperament means what’s the dog’s personality. Like children, every dog has a different personality and energy level. Some are very aggressive and require more exercise and activity, and others are timid. With the dog’s personality, you should also see what your family lifestyle is and whether you can accommodate, a big dog, low maintenance dog, a dog for a farm, or an apartment living dog. Considering these factors, the following are the best dogs to adopt:

  • Labrador Retriever:

Labrador retrievers are one of the most famous family dogs. They are known for their patience and inclination to participate in family activities. They have friendly, playful, patient, loving, reliable, and protective personalities. In terms of safety and protection, they go well with children. One thing is that they are highly active and high-spirited, so they like to be involved in more activity and exercise. Besides excelling in any activity such as hunting, tracking, and obedience, these dogs can fit into any family dynamic. Also, they are easy to train because of their obedience and eagerness to please. Labs are the best choice if you are looking for a child-friendly, protective, and high-energy family dog.

  • Golden Retriever:

Golden retrievers are another best dog breed known for their intelligent and caring temperaments. These are medium-sized dogs. They are gentle, caring, affectionate, confident, and smart by nature. It is a Scottish breed of retriever dogs characterized by their gorgeous golden coat. Their extreme patience and keen intelligence make them one of the best family dogs.

Similarly, like Labradors, they are easy to train and also very active, so they need daily exercise. Because of their patience, they go very well with kids and other animals. Golden Retrievers are not only the best dogs for families with kids but also one of the smartest dog breeds.

  • Beagle

A beagle is a small dog with a cute face, popular for its greater sense of smell and superior tackling instincts. Their personalities are described as merry, friendly, and curious. They are even-tempered and very playful, which makes them the best pick for active families. They are best to adopt if you have a big family as they love to be playful and around people. Because of this, they are not very good guard dogs but they can be very good watch dogs because of their barking tendencies in unfamiliar situations. Beagles are a fine choice if you are looking for a small, active, and friendly dog.

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  • Irish Setter

Irish setters are the large breed dogs, prominent for their stunning red hairs. They are outgoing, friendly, and very active and good for families that are active and playful. They love being around people and enjoy having a job. They can struggle with small animals due to their hunting instincts. Therefore, they are not a good match for households with cats or young children.

  • Newfoundland

Newfoundland is one of the large dog breeds prominent for their rescue skills and great swimming capabilities. Sweetness, loyalty, and their love for children are some of their best-known traits. They are given names like “gentle giants” and “nature’s babysitters” because of their very sweet and loving personalities. They also have the intelligence to act on their own when the situation demands. You should consider adopting a Newfoundland if you have small babies and like fun-loving dogs.

  • Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are very adorable and fluffy small dogs. They are considered to be the friendliest and most energetic dog breeds. Good for families with small fun-loving kids. They are the best dogs for urban areas and small households because of their smaller sizes and cheerful natures.

  • Cocker spaniel

Cocker spaniels are one of the small dog breeds. They possess play-full, gentle, smart, and happy personalities. Because of their long floppy ears, they need regular cleaning and grooming. It is said that Cocker thinks they are people and they are very attentive to the emotions of other people. That is why, they are known to be great therapy dogs. If you have children with special needs or you have anxiety issues cocker spaniels are the best dogs to adopt.

  • Collie

Collies are known for their majestic and long hair. Their personalities are strong, loyal, intelligent, and playful. They are famous for their herding skills. Collies are the best pet dogs for families who like spending time outdoors. 

  • Poddle

If someone in your family has allergies, poodles are an excellent breed to consider adopting as they shed less and produce fewer allergens. Poodles have an active, smart, and proud temperament. They are also known for being very intelligent and gentle, which makes them easier to train. You can choose between miniature and standard sizes depending on your household. It’s the best breed to adopt if you like dogs with a cute and goofy personality.

  • Labradoodle

Labradoodles are a mixed breed. They have both the qualities of poodle and labrador dogs. They are kind, caring loving, and very active dogs so they need regular exercise. They are known to be the best emotional support dogs as they were bred to be balanced and empathetic. Also, they become the best guide dogs and are suitable to train for people with visual impairments. You should consider a labradoodle for adoption if you have someone with visual impairment in the family. These were the 10 best dogs we have found for you. Now you are very well aware of the kid-friendly and suitable dogs for different households, hopefully, it will make your adoption easier.



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